How to keep poinsettia fresh with proper care? These plants need special care and attention to grow and survive in the home environment. Poinsettia plant is the ultimate choice if you are planning on decorating your home or any other small space. No other plant can represent the holiday flowers as the poinsettia. If you want to keep the poinsettia plant fresh, here are some practical suggestions that you may like to follow:


Watering Poinsettia Plants

The most common mistake is overwatering as people think keeping the plant always watered will keep it fresh. The best way to water the poinsettia plant is to water only when the soil is fully dry. Overwatering the plant will rot the root. If there is some water standing in the saucer, it is most probably overwatering. Let the soil surface dry between watering.



Keep poinsettia plants in a well-lit room but try to avoid the plants from direct sunlight. Make sure that plants are exposed to fresh air so consider keeping the flowers in a room with appropriate ventilation.  



If your room temperature is not above 68°F, you can place the poinsettia plants in your room. At night, 60°F to 63°F temperatures are most recommended. The blooming period may be affected by too much heat. Poinsettia plants cannot survive in extreme temperatures so maintaining the right temperature levels is really important. Make sure poinsettia plants are not too close to the heat source due to the sensitive nature.


Preventing Leaf Loss

You need to stop the leaf loss as soon as you have spotted the issue. If the plant is placed close to the window, the temperature may be the reason behind the leaf loss. The extreme temperature also does the same damage to the leaves. Maintaining the temperature or the water level may help to get rid of the leaf loss.


Let Poinsettia Re-bloom

If you take good care of poinsettia plants, you can enjoy the fresh feel for months. The trick to get these poinsettia plants re-bloom because it is only possible if you live in a subtropical area. You can transplant poinsettia plants in your garden and let them grow naturally. The process may be long so if you don’t want to do all the hard work, you can dispose of the plants if you have enjoyed their colors indoor.


Quick Tips for Poinsettia Plant Care

  • Once a week watering should be enough after the blooming
  • Cut back the stems in March of April
  • Move the plants outdoor if the indoor temperature starts rising
  • Ensure the light but avoid direct sunlight
  • Plant poinsettia in the pot of ground



Keeping poinsettia plant fresh is easy and exciting if you know the basics. These plants not only add value to the aesthetics of the space but can also be used to decorate any interior. If you like to gift any special present to someone, adding a slight touch of the poinsettia is not a bad idea. Professional floral experts can provide you the desired poinsettia plant baskets for special events.