This year we would like to share 5 unique valentine’s day ideas during COVID. Valentine’s Day arrives every year so you may feel like you’ve already pulled out all the stops for those in a long-term relationship — and now it’s time for the usual chocolates and a card.

Just let me interrupt you there. If this is your first or thirty-first Valentine’s Day with your partner, the holiday romance doesn’t have to vanish. We know that you can do better than that simple card, but if you have a mental block, checkout these great ideas on Valentine’s Day to get your 14th of February started right!

1. Replay Your First Date

Take a cue from a Hallmark film and surprise your love by recreating your first date.

Did you two hit it off over a basket of lukewarm cheese fries at a small sports bar? Or went to the movies in a theater that is now closed?

Do it Again!

Talk to the sports bar owner and have those less-than-romantic cheese fries ready and wait at the exact barstools where you both sat. And find out who owns the once-thriving cinema property and get permission to go for a picnic and set up a movie there on your iPad.

2. Activity Date

Avoid the overcrowded restaurants this Valentine’s Day and go for something a little less conventional.

Thinking outside the box doesn’t have to go as far as going indoor skydiving with your partner — Even though that’s pretty cool, show us your pics if you choose to! (Tag us on social media with the hashtag #uniquevalentines @dgmflowers!)

Maybe you can go ice skating or maybe bowling as a double date with a friend. You may even have flowers in the bowling alley waiting for them. With such a date your Valentine’s Day will surely be a hit — or “a strike!”

3. Breakfast In Bed

Who wouldn’t love to wake up to their already-made breakfast?

Especially because Valentine’s Day falls this year on a weekday, we could all use some support to get out the door for work, right?

Not a cook? No problem!

With a little planning ahead you can place a breakfast order for delivery using a meal delivery services such as Uber Eats or Grubhub.

Go the extra mile and include on their breakfast tray some fresh flowers and balloons — you know, as it’s Valentine’s Day and all.

Besides, realizing that they’re the first thing you’re thinking about when you wake up is better than any lame last minute card.

4. A Bespoke Bouquet

Red and/or pink roses are the most awaited gift on Valentine’s Day.

Yet your sweetheart is a one-of-a-kind and they deserve a one-of-a-kind bouquet!

Instead of going by the grocery store on your way home this Valentine’s Day, look for expertise of your local florist.

Many people like big, voluminous blooms, like peonies, while others like a snapdragon’s wild splash.

Using a service like DGM Flowers brings the personalization and expertise of a flower shop.

You can have a custom-designed bouquet order placed with a genuine, local florist in just a few minutes and you’re on your way to brightening up someone’s day with your partner.

5. Themed Movie Night

Yeah, you and your partner probably watch movies all the time together — it’s nothing special, isn’t it?

That’s not true!

You’re going to turn it up a notch this Valentine’s Day with a complete movie theme evening.

From snacks to decorations, if Ocean’s 8 is your favorite movie and you turn your living room into a jewel-heist extravaganza, or Bohemian Rhapsody, and your cheese and crackers are shaped like little guitars……Just Go All Out!

Once you have your film picked out, check out snack and decoration inspiration sites such as Pinterest.

If your film is set in a different time, or universe, you can really get into it by dressing up like you and your partner are part of it!

We Hope You Have Fun This Valentine’s Day!

We hope these 5 Unique Valentine’s Day ideas will ignite your imagination and make you look forward to 14th of February!

If you’re trying any of these out, be sure to let us know by tagging us on social media: @dgmflowers with the #uniquevalentines hashtag and don’t forget to share these ideas with anyone who might need some hint!

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