Valentine’s Day isn’t going to be complete without an absolutely gorgeous bouquet for your Beloved, so what about the tedious card? It could be hard to come up with the right words. Knowing what to say or how to say is not necessarily the simplest of jobs. If you’re having a hard time finding your voice, ask for a recommendation from your DGM Florist. Or you may want to scroll down and read 5 Valentine’s Day card messages in the form of poetry to help you deliver the right message!

Valentine’s Day Card Message Poems:

  1. Cobalt blue, your sparkling eyeshave set my heart a racin’.Ne’er will be seen our love’s demise,

    ‘Tis forever that I’m chasin’.

  2. Tonight we’ll celebrate our love,we’ll dine and dip while dancing.A passionate kiss or variation thereof,

    will find our passion advancing.

  3. My love for you like yours for meis vibrant, strong and pure.These chocolates may not last the week,

    but our affection will endure.

  4. This rose of dark and crimson hueis lovely, stark and sweet,And yet it pales compared to you

    unable to compete.

  5. No flower, though the blooms are lovely,can with you compare.neither the rose, the iris nor the lily,

    can hold to you a prayer.

Card messages are not always simple, but perhaps these poems will help or at least encourage you to find the exact words to let her know how you feel.