8 02, 2021

Valentine’s Day Flowers in Fort Lauderdale

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Valentine’s Day is Sunday, February 14, 2021. Go for the WOW factor this year when sending Valentine's Day flowers in Fort Lauderdale, FL with our truly unique Valentine’s Day flowers and gifts. There's something to make every special person smile, from a Valentine's Day flower delivery surprise to cuddly teddy bears, stunning rose bears to [...]

31 01, 2021

3 Ways to Flower Up Valentine’s Day!

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We've come up with a list of 3 ways to flower up Valentine's Day in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Below you can learn about three romantic expressions that flowers can be made to show your affection. Valentine's Day Flowers With Dinner at Home Have a wonderful intimate dinner at home in which you can decorate a [...]

12 09, 2020

Corpse Flower Blooms In Florida

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Amorphophallus titanum, also known as the titan arum, is a one of the larger and rarest flowers in the world. Due to its stinking smell, which is liken to a rotten corpse, the  flower is best known as the Corpse Flower or Corpse Plant. The plant is native to the rainforest of Indonesia, but can be seen [...]

12 09, 2020

Styles of Floral Arrangements: 3 Major Styles

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Whether it’s for a wedding or for a funeral, people have used flowers to convey feelings for centuries. Flowers can influence the atmosphere of rooms and events, or to just tell a person that you care. From settings at tables in restaurants to grand displays in hotels and banquet halls, flower arrangements are subtle yet [...]

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