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Aster September Birth Flower

Not sure what to get them for their birthday this year? Flowers are always a gift that they’ll love to receive. Take out the guesswork and send September babies an arrangement including their birth month flower—the aster! Keep reading to discover what makes the aster, the September birth flower, so special:


There are over 180 beautiful species of asters, but their name comes from the shape they all share. They are star-shaped, and the word “aster” means “star” in Greek. In Greek mythology, it is said that asters were created by the tears of the goddess Astraea, when she was upset by how few stars she saw in the night sky. The flowers were then named after her. Asters are a part of the daisy family and have been around for thousands of years.

Flower Meaning

Asters have a variety of meanings, but most commonly, they are a representation of love and wisdom. Depending on their color, they can have additional meanings. Purple can signify royalty, with white representing purity and innocence. Red asters symbolize devotion, with pink meaning sensitivity in addition to love.

Interesting Facts

  • Ancient Greeks burned aster leaves to ward off snakes and evil spirits.
  • Thomas Jefferson loved asters, and cultivated several varieties at his Monticello estate.
  • In addition to being the September birth flower, asters are the official 20th wedding anniversary flower.
  • In Chinese culture, asters are used as medicinal herbs to treat various ailments from hangovers to epilepsy. They can also aid in digestion when made into a tea.

Send asters to someone born in September! They’ll love receiving a fresh, beautiful arrangement from DGM Flowers | Fort Lauderdale Florist. Send Birthday Flowers!

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